Daily life of mine


Suddenly I want to tell my daily life…like today, Tuesday November 22nd. Wake up at 5.15 in the morning, prepared my girl to school…exactly I just prepared the simple breakfast, comb the hair, told her to pray… for shower and iron the uniform already done by my husband… yes everyday we do prepared our girl to school, six o’clock have to leave home. Me, stay at home..continue sleep… its my bad habits, I want to change..

Ok, 8.30… time to prepared my self, its time to go to Kelapa Gading, teaching patchwork n quilt… My husband ready bring laptop to work while I’m teaching. Before we have  breakfast…some fruits and bread or cake with coffee. 9.30 leave home (apartment) drive to Mal Kelapa Gading, We will there until 1 pm. I am teaching and chatting with my students, he is working his job. 

1 pm. Time to pick up our girl at school. She has additional lesson so we can pick her at 2 pm. I already buy lunch for her, she likes chicken crispy with rice. 

From school, we going home. Today I have to make sand paper mat for my student. She request a big size, I’ll be give her at 6pm at Central Park, near from our apartment.

So this is my tuesday…I will tell a lot about my other activity next time… 


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